Cellular Memory


Why Your Cells Drive Everything In Your Life

In the world of Cognitive Health, Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Systems Behavioural Sciences, our cells are meant to regenerate healthily as a part of your natural healing abilities as a functional human being. However, when life becomes stressful or challenging, our body has the ability to store unconscious stress in our cells in order for your Mind to "keep you safe" on a conscious level. The Fight or Flight Response.

Your cells then regenerate those new instructions of "shut down" "freeze" "collapse" or self-sabotage which drive negative behavioural patterns, relationship patterns, physical, mental and emotional cellular patterns and can domino effect into all areas of your life.

When the natural regeneration process occurs, the cellular activity is now temporarily "shut down for business to the rest of your body/being" (exhausting your energy levels) and your cells will replicate the new, learned cellular patterns from the  remembered stress that was stored on an unconscious level.

There are many ways to make positive changes and enhance positive healing in your life with holistic healthcare methods, but Emotional Cellular Memory Stress and Trauma Release Techniques allows you to find out where the unconscious stored stress is, uncover the negative life patterns that keep repeating and release them at the root of the problem.

This work is all about clearing out the old, negative patterns, to create space for the new, positive patterns for your whole-body to regenerate that!

Cellular Memory Healing

what does cellular memory mean?

 The theory of cellular memories states that memories, as well as personality traits, are not only stored in the brain but may also be stored in organs such as the heart. In 2009 Harvard Medical School defined cellular memories as “a sustained cellular response to a transient stimulus.”  

Do you ever think about your childhood or replay an event in your head that happened 15 years ago but its so vivid that it seems like it happened yesterday? Do you ever hear something and think it sounds like your favorite song and then start singing that song? These are memories that were formed in your brain that are replayed as a result of a specific stimulus. 

For a long time scientists believed that memories were formed, processed, and sent to different destinations in the brain. Dr. Wilder Penfield was one of the first to accidentally discover this. In the 40s he electrically stimulated different areas of his patients’ brains while they were under local anesthesia and found that the region he stimulated would elicit specific memories in the patient’s life.

For example, in one of his patients he stimulated her temporal lobe (auditory cortex) and she started to hum her favorite song out loud. This suggested that the memory of this song was stored in the place where it was processed or originated (i.e. the auditory cortex processed the first time she listened to the song). Penfield concluded that the cortex (the outer layers of the brain) stored the “complete record of the stream of consciousness; all those things in which a man was aware at any time…” Until recently, scientists have believed this phenomenon.

Basically, when a cell is introduced to a specific stimulus it will react in a certain way and every time it is given this stimulus it will have the same response. The best way to understand cellular memories is studying cases of organ transplants. One of the more famous cases includes a woman named Claire Sylvia. In the 70s this woman received a heart and lung transplant from an 18-year- old boy who died in a motorcycle accident. After her surgery Sylvia had cravings she never had before like beer and burgers. After some time, she contacted the family of her donor and was in shock that he enjoyed the same foods (She wrote a book on her experience!- link below).

Another extreme case was an 8-year-old girl who received a 10-year-old girls heart. After her operation she began to have nightmares of a man trying to kill her. Her dreams were so vivid that she went to a psychiatrist who actually believed they were real. It was found that the donor was murdered and the recipient who had the nightmares described the man in such detail that the police were able to find the killer and he was convicted of murder.

Inherited Memory In Organ Transplant Recipients:

 In our modern culture where organ transplants are being done daily we have yet to come up with a case such as the above mentioned but we have stumbled onto some pretty strange coincidences. First studied in heart transplant recipients Cellular Memory was noted when upon waking up from surgery patients would display a strange change in tastes, opinions, cravings, and other mild personality changes. Could it be the organs given to them had some part of the donor's memory left within it? 

Most examples of cellular memory in transplant patients are recorded by scientists doing studies, with the aid of a hospital system that forbids the transplantee to know or speak to the donor's family. Because of this most of the cases are written of without the use of names, leaving these patients stories at large but still in obscurity.

One of the few cases we know the patient's name was a woman called Claire Sylvia who received a heart and lung transplant in the 1970s from an eighteen year old male donor who had been in a motorcycle accident. None of this information was known to Sylvia, who upon waking up claimed she had a new and intense craving for beer, chicken nuggets, and green peppers, all food she didn't enjoy prior to the surgery. A change in food preferences is probably the most noted in heart transplant patients. Sylvia wrote a book about her experiences after learning the identity of her donor called  A Change of Heart.

Other documented cases have been perplexing and sometimes extreme. A 47 year old man receiving a heart from a 17 year old black boy suddenly picked up an intense fondness for classical music. The boy whose heart had been donated was killed in a drive-by shooting, still clutching his violin case in his hands. A 47 year old transplant patient claimed that his new heart was responsible for a sudden onset of eating disorders, heralded from the heart's previous owner, a 14 year old girl. Once a change in sexual orientation was even documented in a twenty seven year old lesbian who soon after getting a new heart settled down and married a man.

The most stunning example of cellular memory was found in an eight year old girl who received the heart of a ten year old girl. The recipient was plagued after surgery with vivid nightmares about an attacker and a girl being murdered. After being brought to a psychiatrist her nightmares proved to be so vivid and real that the psychiatrist believed them to be genuine memories. As it turns out the ten year old whose heart she had just received was murdered and due to the recipients violent reoccurring dreams she was able to describe the events of that horrible encounter and the murderer so well that police soon apprehended, arrested, and convicted the killer.

Other common quirks recorded have been changes in attitude, temperament, vocabulary, patience levels, philosophies, and tastes in food and music. The phenomena has just recently been put into studies. The most notable of which was Dr Paul Peasall's questioning of 150 heart transplant patients which was published in Near-Death Studies magazine in 2002 entitled "Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors" from which the aforementioned cases are mostly from.


How Cellular Memory Might Work

It is thought that cellular memory might be possible since the discovery that neuropeptides exist not only in the brain as once thought but in all the tissues of the body. These neuropeptides are a way for the brain to "speak" to other bodily organs and for the organs to relay information back. However it is unknown if these newly found circuits could indeed store memories as the brain does in different organs. Due to the amount of peptides in the heart this organ is seen to have special potential in the study of this phenomena. However many answers still remain. Why don't all transplant recipients have these experiences? It's been theorized this may be due to the fact not all of them are in tune with their body as some other individuals may be. Perhaps the explanation lies with the sensitivity of the individual.

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 Cellular Memory Healing: How to Clear Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Wounds at the Cellular Level: https://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/cellular-memory-healing-clearing/ 


Evidence Of Cellular Memory- Dr. Wilder Penfield

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Neuroscience Evidence-Based Research - The Brain Vs. The Min

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Cellular Memory Patterns Of Stress Cause More Stress...


Clearing out old patterns of stress to create new, healthy, responses that positively transform all aspects of your life.

There is a common phrase that epigenetic specialists and neuroscientists use that states, "your issues are in your tissues.” The good news is that you can change your issues and your tissue responses through a technique called Emotional Cellular Memory Release® (ECMR®.)

No matter what the negative pattern is that is currently and unconsciously running your life, YOU have the power to change it because they are all learned patterns that your body (and cells) have stored as an emotional experience of stress at some point in your life. I'm here to tell you IT CAN be cleared out and I will guide you how to get there.


Creating new cellular memory patterns, releasing past hurts, resentment and overwhelming emotions that drive symptoms of stress is where health is at!

Energize and inspire your cells by creating new healthy unconscious responses to life that happen automatically without you having to think about it.


Live with passion & purpose!

ECMR® allows individuals to achieve optimal wellness and change the things in their life and health that are not working. It is a life stress release tool that can be applied to any avenue of life where struggle or overwhelming emotions are present.

Applying ECMR® wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose. Discover your deepest authentic self who loves all avenues of your life.

Reprogramming - The Amazing Brain


Emotional Cellular Memory Release® puts you back in the driver's seat of life! What do YOU want from Life?

Whether you are aware of it or not, your body is made up of trillions of cellular transactions that are interacting and responding to life every minute of everyday. 

The brain works like a big computer. It processes information that it receives from the senses and body, and sends messages back to the body. But the brain can do much more than a machine can: humans think and experience emotions with their brain and it is the root of human intelligence.

The human brain tissue is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) and one trillion supporting cells which stabilize the tissue (National Library of Medicine- PubMed).

Each neuron connects to approx. 1,000 other neurons. So, every time each neuron fires a signal, 1,000 other neurons get that information. Let's multiply: 100 billion neurons x 200 firings per second x 1,000 connections each = 20,000,000,000,000,000 bits of info transmitted per second! Think about that! 20 million billion bits of information move around your brain every second.

So what does that mean for us?

Physical Health & Cellular Regeneration


Your body is constantly trying to heal

Our bodies have their own natural healing schedule. Every cell in your body eventually dies and is replaced by a new one. So we can have a positive influence on building a new, healthy body on a regular basis. We’re not destined to fate after all.  For instance...

1. The stomach lining rebuilds itself in five days

2. The brain rebuilds itself in one year

3. The blood rebuilds itself in four months

4. The liver rebuilds itself every six weeks

5. A new skeleton is built in three months

Your body is offering you a lifeline – it’s up to you to take it

Once you realize you have a direct influence on your body’s wellbeing, you can make the brave decision to turn and face your past hurts, feel the full repercussions of what happened and experience true forgiveness. This will remove the emotional blocks that have limited your body’s ability to heal. 

Katrina, your experienced ECMR® Practitioner, will guide you safely and elegantly through the pains that currently hold you back, into your absolute whole-life well-being!

If you recognize patterns of trauma in your life that you want to change NOW...

We are excited to provide you with more information to make informed decisions about your whole-life wellbeing! 

Want To Know More About How ECMR Can Support Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic

Approximately 350 million people globally are experiencing some form of depression. It’s considered to be the biggest ‘psychological’ disorder in the Western world. By 2020, it’s predicted that depression will be the second-biggest cause of disability in the world after heart disease.

Change your cells, change your Life!

How ecmr can change your life

We need to hack our brain system and re-learn how to separate emotions from behaviors.

Emotional Cellular memory Release SHOWS YOU HOW TO DO THAT.

ECMR offers an easy means to uproot old, disempowering habits, leaving space for conscious awareness to blossom instead. This leaves us free to feel our emotions fully, and choose our actions wisely. It teaches us how to:  Access old cell memories Feel each and every emotion fully Empty out the stored pain Clear out the cellular blockages Forgive self, others and life Never condone abusive behaviours Extricate our emotions from our beliefs, and our beliefs and emotions from our behaviorsBECOME MORE EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT.

With ECMR, you discover how to separate your actions from your feelings and express yourself in more healthy ways. There’s no need to fake it anymore, no need to stuff down your feelings or mask your true emotions with unhealthy habits or dysfunctional behaviors. When you begin to clean up your subliminal belief systems, your emotional and physical health improves. All your decisions begin to align with your highest and deepest healing. You begin to live a vibrant and purposeful life for the benefit of all. Emotions truly are the gateway to connecting the soul 

How ECMR can help change your life...


   Here are just a few:

  • You experience noticeable and tangible results in just one session. 
  • You can transform in an hour what could take many years in other forms of traditional modalities that works with "the unhealthy story of 'The Mind'"
  • You feel light and more expanded with each session or workshop
  • It speeds up your healing process because you learn how to work with a greater intelligence that knows how to access and dissolve stored trauma that your 'mind' could take years (or perhaps life-times) to unravel
  • It gets you in touch with your power center and your passions in life. 
  • You learn what the 'Language of Energy' is and how to read, interpret, express and live from your inner Truth
  • You learn to conquer your fears and as a result feel more liberated
  • You build the courage to express your truth in all aspects of your life and to get clear on what it is you really want to say or do
  • It burns out layers of self-hate and reinforces self-love, self-trust, aliveness and connection
  • It ignites ‘hope’ where there was none because you reconnect to your authentic state of expansion and possibility
  • Overtime it not only gets rid of the ‘old you' layer-by-layer - within your cells - but it rebuilds a 'new you', which is connected to the feeling of unconditional love.
  • Your life begins to reflect back the positive changes that have occurred at the cellular level and it is regenerating the cells from the healthy new patterns that are set in place
  • It awakens the "Kundalini, Life Force Energy" inside of you
  • You realize your unique gifts and potential


Change Your Patterns Of Wealth


For many people, wealth implies having material possessions, money and other such riches

Do you equate your right to be alive with your accumulated wealth? Or maybe wealth to you means an abundance of health, happiness and amazing opportunities?

Whatever your truth, if life leaves you wanting, it’s imperative that you fully understand the impact your subconscious beliefs have on your dreams. If you believe you have the right to health and wealth, yet your decisions continually undermine this belief, you have silent saboteurs actively preventing you from realizing your goals. It’s like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. You try to get traction in life and move forwards, but instead you stay stuck, unable to achieve your full potential of happiness.

Create Emotional Wealth


E-motions are just energy in motion


E-motions are really ‘energies in motion’

Emotions naturally come and go. Children go from crying to laughing in a matter of seconds. Yet, due to social conditioning, many of us have adopted coping strategies that make us suppress or avoid our emotions – thus denying us access to our real feelings. Sometimes we even hold onto or get stuck in one particular emotion. When emotional energies stagnate or are denied, it has major unconscious, negative impacts on our lives, creating blockages we are not even aware of could be related to our actions, behaviours, work lives, relationships and success outcomes..

Some emotions have healing qualities. Others, when repeated over time, can damage the natural healing cycle of the body. However, with emotional cellular memory, biohacking techniques, this damaging cycle invites us to record new, healthier beliefs that are in-tune with our highest and deepest healing and transformation abilities.

Many people are terrified of their emotions.

In the wild, animals do something that humans don’t. An antelope that’s escaped being caught by a cheetah shakes off excessive adrenaline produced during the chase.

Following scenes of drama and high emotion, humans don’t release excess energies because we’ve been socialized to keep them pent up. So instead of releasing emotions naturally, they get stored as cell memories where they wreak havoc at a subconscious level. As a result, every decision we make in life is massively influenced by our suppressed fears. Without fully realizing why, we continually make choices that are not in our best interests. These patterns and behaviors sabotage our lives on every level.

Until one day we wake up.

Some crystalizing event or traumatic experience may suddenly make us aware of the fact that we’re responsible for our own healing and happiness. We can no longer blame anyone else or look outside for help. Instead we need to learn how to discover crystalizing events from our past and release the stored and blocked energies in a healthy way. This will enable us to live lives rich with emotion, and in vibrant health and freedom.

Our cultural belief systems can also have a significant impact on the quality of our lives. We may have been taught to do anything but express emotional energies in healthy ways, especially in the case of overwhelming feelings associated with traumatic events. As a result we may have become allergic to our deepest feelings and live life in a mid band of emotion – not too high, not too low. Thus we subject ourselves to a life of mediocrity.


Some examples of mediocre feelings include being:

· Angry

· Good

· Nice

· Alright

· Sad

· Okay

· Frustrated

 Deeper emotions often fall into a ‘No Go Zone’, making them forbidden and unavailable. Examples may include emotions like:

· Passion

· Rage

· Lust

· Hatred

· Love

· Grief

· Enthusiasm

· Fervor

These more intense, expressive feelings terrify some people because they associate them with unhealthy behaviors. For example, someone who once witnessed an enraged person punch or physically hurt another being may inextricably link rage and physical abuse at a subconscious level. For them, rage equals abuse. This makes rage unavailable to them as a valid personal emotion, because rage is always seen as an energy that damages and destroys.