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Culture Enhancement & People Change Management Programs

If your people powered business is suffering because your employees are stressed at the heart of your company, Katrina would be happy to collaborate with your People Department to create an individualized culture enhancement and people change management program that will quickly and effectively turn around your people... and therefore the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Companies all across the world are following "the typical protocol" for what health, wellness and success management programs "should" look like... and this is why "mental health issues" are worse than ever before, limiting the functioning of your people at the heart of your company.

Typical health initiatives in most Health and Wellness programs often set people up for unconscious failure because the people are not given the proper tools to promote emotional intelligence self-mastery for when life challenges hit. They typically do not address the root cause of trauma and stress that drive lack of coping, LTW stats, decreased motivation, decreased culture, and decreased client satisfaction scores that all ultimately drive profits in the opposite direction from where leadership teams want them to go.

Katrina is a Thought Pattern Innovator, Interventionist and Business Turn Around Expert who works with the people of "people powered businesses" to create "Mental Wealth" programs individualized to meet the leadership strategic business goals.

Change Starts Here!

Katrina creates individualized programs that "think outside of the box" to achieve the positive and innovative people outcomes that leadership teams are looking for.

She teaches individual cellular memory stress relief strategies to change group consciousness of small and large groups of people all at once. Her strategies are fast and extremely effective for transforming how people operate to sustain positive whole- Life health outcomes. 

Katrina guides and inspires employees in HOW to use emotional intelligence, self mastery tools, so that they can create their own world of resilience in their psychosocial wellbeing which then positively impacts everyone in their world at work and in their personal lives.

Watch your people improve their performance scores, skyrocket client satisfaction scores, retain your talent, increase RTW healing times, transform the workplace culture and magnetize new business because your people feel empowered to create and manifest magic in all avenues of their own lives.

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If you give the people the right tools to transform their own lives with cellular memory release techniques, you will watch as the cellular memory of your company changes at the heart of the people too.

Changing people from the inside out!

Healthy people = Healthy business

Contact Katrina via email or phone at:, 289-925-3377