Shaun - Burlington, ON., CANADA - 1 session/2 hrs, life-altering change

"Open into YOUR TRUE Life's Purpose and create YOUR success!"

I was a 45yr old male, father of two, confident and established in my career. Then the rug got pulled out. Due to corporate restructuring, my executive position that I worked 16 years to cultivate, was gone. Worse, there was no financial parachute as the ownership dismantled the company with an eye toward bankrupting the division I was a part of. 

As you can imagine, the last weeks on the job were filled with negativity. This could not hold a candle to how it felt when reality set in after the last day on the job. For the first time in 30 years, I was job hunting and came to realize that 16 years in a unique industry does not make you more marketable in the workforce… I was angry, frustrated, stressed and within weeks depressed. My confidence was shaken and humbled.

From the outset, the session was not presented as “counselling”, or “therapy”. Katrina's explanation of the work made me far more comfortable to approach the session as a way to explore the “negative roadblocks” that were holding me back from being awesome again! I did not feel judged, like I thought I would, but rather, supported. 

In my session, I discovered there were recurring sources of negativity that were driving my symptoms of depression. Acknowledging these sources and digging for the roots of these sources is where the fun takes place. I’m not certain that anyone wants to go there, but my practitioner (Katrina DesRochers) was great at coaching me in the right direction. 

Upon completing the session, I was advised that now that I had let go of my negativity and reset my core being toward the positive, that I may experience a variety of symptoms… nothing serious, but I might be tired, thirsty, etc. as my body lets go of the old tension. The next day is what sold me on ECMR work. The details I will keep as my own, but I can vouch for the mental/emotional effects of letting go.

One of the many themes that kept coming up in my session, was the topic of creativity, or rather my lack of attention being paid to that aspect of my personality. Not three days after my  session with Katrina, I received a phone call from a family member that said, “My wife went to an event last night and I think it’s right up your alley.” What ensued was a three-hour brainstorm that turned into my business! I am now an entrepreneur and my own boss of a creative and successful business!

Beyond that, I felt that I had turned a page on my previous work-life. I didn’t need to look back on the experience as betrayal, but rather an experience I would not repeat. I am looking forward again.

Being honest with yourself can be hard, but is made much easier by a great practitioner. Thanks for making it easier, Katrina.


Tina- Muskoka, ON. Canada - 4.5 hrs of life-altering transformation

Before starting ECMR with Katrina I had been struggling with the mental health system for over 15 years. I had seen every kind of doctor imaginable, been on countless combinations of drugs, tried talking to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and even private diagnosis specific group programs which cost a fortune because the wait list for government help was approximately 3+ years long. 

My life has almost always been in chaos from the day I can start remembering. Always gaining and losing friends, gaining and losing excessive amounts of weight, trouble keeping jobs long-term and worst of all some very serious substance abuse problems. I ended up in the hospital almost on my deathbed twice within 5 years and those were only the times I sought help. I had put my family through hell with all my mood swings, anger, deep sadness and worst of all depression and lack of will to live. I had basically given up and figured that this was just what my "normal" looked like. 


I absolutely loved the experience of ECMR because even though the work is challenging at times, it is extremely rewarding because you do it on your own. There are no judgements, no predetermined things you have to access and best of all no doctor's egos or clinical assertions to get in your way. It is 100% controlled by you. 

I have only had 2 full sessions and one mini emergency session with Katrina and I am now 2 months free from all medications (with the help of my doctors weining me off as I did this work) that I had been numbed out on for 15 years. I have never felt better. 

I am no longer using drugs and alcohol as a crutch to not feel the painful memories of my past because they are no longer causing pain. And I am able to move forward in my NEW relationship (after years of attracting bad ones!). I am newly engaged to be married with the man I always dreamed of! I have even noticed changes in him that I feel are due to the changes Katrina helped me create within myself and this work blows me away! I've been able to have the energy to eat right and make better life choices which has allowed me to finally be in a healthy and happy place with my body.

There is no better person to be performing this work than Katrina.


Julie- Kitchener, ON. CANADA- 1 session, 2 hrs of life-altering transformation!

 "When Emotional Life Crisis Hits & Depression Sets In..."

I really struggle with what I know intellectually vs. what I feel emotionally and I was mid-crisis when as session with Katrina was suggested.  This session has reframed my thoughts about my emotions and feelings (as they are strong, scary, and overpowering at times).  Intellectually I try to tell myself "everything's fine", "just keep on going" "be positive"- but deep down I know that this suppression of true emotions has lead to burn-out and depression over the past few years.

I am really good at "faking it" in my personal relationships and vocational responsibilities - I can count on much less than one hand, the people that really know some of the emotional and mental struggles that I face on-going.  

It has been over two years that I have been conscious of burn-out, depression, stress and anxiety.  I have been to psychologist appts, medical doctors, exercise (trying hard to get those endorphins up), self medication through substance use, but of course, the dull, empty, exhausted, angry feelings have remained simmering under the surface consistently.  

Words cannot express the thankfulness that I feel for the opportunity to have my ECMR session when I did.  I would most definitely be in an extremely different mental state, maybe not here at all right now, had I not had my experience with Katrina. I will now utilize these sessions in the future, outside of crisis mode, to help me learn and stay focused on what my life's purpose is.  

Thank you Katrina for helping me start my journey to doing that!


A.C. - Burlington, ON. CANADA - 3.5 hrs/2 sessions of life-altering transformation!

"Your Emotions Have a Powerful Hold On Your Physical Symptoms"

I've had two sessions with Katrina and both have been profound. I knew that I had some emotional blockages that needed to be identified and cleared out, and decided to try a session with Katrina to see if it would help. 

Going into the sessions, I had the intention of working on my feelings of anxiety and my tendency to get easily irritated and frustrated especially with my mother and my husband. At my first session, I was very ready to delve into my emotions and was surprised at how natural and automatic the process was with Katrina's guidance. 

It was easy to move into emotions and cellular memories of pain and shut down, that I was not even aware were affecting me. The part about it that fascinated me was how just a simple cue/question from Katrina, I felt deeper emotion and tears run down my face (in both sessions and a couple of times throughout the session). Katrina's calm and soothing voice was very reassuring and despite experiencing some difficult emotions, she brought me back to a positive place of healing and letting go. 

After my first session, I had some physical releases- one being the possible release of a cyst on my ovary just an hour after the session, then a few hours later, the "deflation" of a hemorrhoid that I "know" intuitively is directly a result of my session. My medical team could not understand or explain what happened but this was the area in my physical body in my session where I was holding all of my emotional tension. I also went to an interview the following week, and felt minimal anxiety, which has never happened to me before. 

After my second session, I feel more calm and less reactive to people and situations that would have really bothered me previously.

I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to do this work and I look forward to more changes in myself the more I do to clear my emotional cellular memory blockages.

Having a background in counseling, I started to compare the processes and although I think that counseling techniques are very valuable and helpful, I think that what Katrina does with people is an amazing process that allows her clients to quickly get to cellular memories and emotions that are holding them back that they may never get addressed in traditional counseling.

I think this process is so valuable especially for people who feel something holding them back but don't know what it is in particular because your body/the process guides you rather than your conscious knowledge.

Thanks Katrina!


Crystal- Mississauga, ON. CANADA - 5 sessions, 8 hrs of life altering transformation!

 For the duration of three years, I worked as a volunteer in the pediatric unit at Trillium Health Partners Mississauga Hospital. Katrina was my manager and she ran the Women's and Children's Psychosocial Care program for this unit. 

I have known Katrina for many years and have seen her demonstrate her strong commitment to educate, guide and care for the emotional wellbeing of a diverse group of adults and children and I've watched her integrate and apply her knowledge in completely unique and innovative ways!

From the very beginning, I could tell Katrina had a strong sense of purpose. She displayed joyful energy and was always “on the go” supporting and educating children and their families about emotions and how to release painful circumstances in their bodies with non-pharmacological pain management techniques. That was her role. The families would often tell me how impressed they were with her knowledge of hospital procedures and ability to calm their children and family members to reduce their stress in minutes. 

I could tell by watching her speak with the children and parents, that she has the natural intuition to understand how people are feeling and help them to work through and release their feelings extremely fast.

I decided to work with Katrina to relieve some personal blockages that I was experiencing in life, my relationship, my work and within myself.

 I was able to recognize emotions that I had been ignoring or unaware of in everyday life and had the chance to release unhealthy patterns that were negatively impacting my life and relationships. Every session provided me with a sense of relief in my body and in my life. Being able to work through emotional blockages I now realize I'd held in for a long time was a great gift. Katrina always made me feel safe to express myself and genuinely cared for my whole-life positive transformation.

After each session, Katrina gave me guidance to help me stay mindful of my own emotions and help me to recognize when my brain-to-body connection needed attention.  She always spoke in a clear, concise manner and was very good at explaining abstract concepts.  She also helped me come up with future goals and made me hopeful about the new person I could become – happier, more emotionally aware and more loving to myself. I felt like I had more potential in all aspects of my life and I still do! 


Julie Vietch- Huntsville, ON. CANADA- 6 sessions, 7 hrs of life altering transformation!

I met the vibrant Katrina on a WestJet plane, as we were both travelling back home for leisure from Kelowna to Toronto. We talked for 4 hours straight about life, our goals, our families, our dreams and our passions and that is how I discovered the amazing work she does!

I’ve maintained a strong relationship with this extremely skilled woman ever since and continue to learn from her. Her mentorship has helped in, not only my own deep healing, my family members positive life transformations but also to support me in assisting my clients with their deeper healing outcomes as a transformation coach.

Through sessions and consultations with Katrina, I came to unravel so many internal default patterns of hiding and limited beliefs that I’d held onto for a lifetime. This work has changed my life and having Katrina as a conduit has been such a gift. 

What was particularly profound was the way that she allowed herself to be intuitively guided to deepen my own innate wisdom and infinite intelligence. I watch and witness as she does this work and am truly inspired every single time. Her breadth of knowledge,  playfulness and understanding is incredibly attuned to be exactly what you need at exactly the right moment to accelerate any goals you may have.

Both my personal healing journey and my private life coaching work has expanded in indescribable ways since I met Katrina and her encouragement to include Emotional Cellular Memory Stress Relief techniques in my work has been a catalyst for me to dive into my coaching with even greater passion, dedication, creativity and focus!

Katrina, you are such an inspiration!

Julie Veitch

Certified Professional Life Coach, Trained Career Practitioner, Journey Practitioner in Training

Julie Veitch CPCC

Your Personal Success Coach

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