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What's your trauma? Discover & release the unconscious cellular memory patterns that are driving the stress and anxiety in your life! You deserve stress relief! Access your optimal wellness!

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My name is Katrina DesRochers- your Thought Pattern Innovator, Executive Leadership Transformation Coach & Business Turn Around Expert

I teach individuals and groups HOW to access their full potential, releasing unhealthy patterns of cellular memory stress and limitation to create new, healthy, wholesome responses that drive physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, relationship and career balance. I support reconnecting people to their full potential to create power in their lives for miraculous, spontaneous, self healing and manifestation mastery to enhance wellbeing in all avenues of their lives.

I have learned how to release life's sometimes "uncontrollable" cellular stress, anxiety, trauma, "medically undiagnosed symptoms" and repetitive, negative life patterns as a result of my own healing journey but also am fascinated and driven by major advancements in the field of neuroscience and behavior systems management- how and why people act the way they do and how to control the outcome of success through techniques of cellular biohacking

It's important for people to know HOW to release the negative emotions that are weighing them down in a gentle and safe way, finishing with the struggle once and for all, while moving forward into freedom and their FULL potential with positive life coping tools. 

By changing your cellular stress into cellular success, you have the power to change your life, state of happiness, ability to create your deepest desires and to re-energize your whole-Life wellbeing, starting at The Root Of It.

Welcome home. A place where you can feel safe to change your pain into your power.

Emotional Well-Being


E-motions are really ‘energies in motion’

When we play our emotional stories over and over again it’s harmful to our health and overall wellness. Every time we repeat our stories of pain, stress or anxiety, whether within our own mind or out loud, we stir up emotions that flood every cell in our body. With social conditioning, many of us have adopted coping strategies that make us suppress or avoid our emotions – thus denying us access to our real feelings. When emotional energies stagnate or are denied, it has a major negative impact on our life. Let's help you access your ultimate, whole-life stress relief!

Physical Health


Our emotions have a direct influence on our physical wellness!  In the past it was believed that our inherited genetics determined our future, and that whatever diseases or conditions our forefathers had experienced would eventually become our own fate. Epigenetics, ‘control above the genes’ has changed this notion and taught us that we’re responsible for the expression of our genes. Your feelings can switch your genes ‘on’ or ‘off." Neuroscientists all over the world are discovering that you are not your genes and your genetic composition can change by changing your emotional patterns that directly effect your cells. So release patterns of stress and anxiety in your life! Access your ultimate stress relief!



Sadly, many of us fall victim to the fairy tale that one day someone will come and rescue us and make us happy. We aim to meet our ‘soul mate’ so that all our problems will magically vanish. Or perhaps we play the role of rescuer, protecting others from themselves and from life where eventually we take on other peoples anxiety and stress with out knowing it. The truth is that none of these stories leads to a happy ever after ending. Instead, we need to realize that a healthy relationship ‘is an inside job’ that starts with us to access stress relief and ultimate wellness.



Depression is fast becoming a world-wide epidemic. Approximately 350 million people globally are experiencing some form of anxiety, depression or mental wellness imbalance. It’s considered to be the biggest ‘psychological’ disorder in the Western world. By 2020, it’s predicted that depression will be the second-biggest cause of disability in the world after heart disease. Techniques that provide a permanent sense of stress relief are much needed at this time!

Spiritual Awakening Within Self


At some point in life people ask themselves,"Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is The Purpose Of My Life? What Happens After I Die?"
ECMR- can bring peace of mind and help you on your personal quest. Spirituality is a highly subjective topic and a journey of self-discovery. How we arrive at a personal understanding of the ancient quest for truth is different for each of us. Releasing anxiety at the root to make room for clarity, stress relief and peace are cellular memory remedies for permanent wellness.



Abundance is your birthright! Do you equate your right to be alive with your accumulated wealth? Or maybe wealth to you means an abundance of health, happiness and amazing opportunities?

If you believe you have the right to health and wealth, yet your decisions continually undermine this belief, you have silent saboteurs actively preventing you from actualizing your goals. Release the silent saboteurs that are responsible for driving patterns of anxiety that impede our ability to feel stress relief and access our full potential for wellness.

About Us At The Root Of It


Our Goals

Building passionate, radiant and empowered leaders who care from their core, are the creators of their own lives and share their authenticity with the world around them is my Giant Genius! Everyone is a leader at the heart of it however sometimes life experience, situations of pain and suffering cloud our ability to create magic in our lives. When we clear away the blockages of stress, anxiety and pain, we are energized by our ability to make life magical once again!


Getting to The Root Of It...

Here at the Root Of It Centre For Well-Being, we believe in possibilities and solutions for every individual to achieve whole-life balance, regardless of the Life challenges they have been faced with. We KNOW that people can transform into the best version of themselves! We provide emotional cellular memory release strategies to access unconscious barriers and release anxiety at the root for long-lasting stress relief and positive, healthy Living.

We raise the energy vibrations of individuals, so they can raise the energy of the world around them! One person at a time!


Change your cells. Change your life. Change your world.

Everyone has trauma or emotional blockages that bring us down or hold us back from expressing ourselves as our full, vibrant and balanced potential. 

We all experience episodes of anxiety, stress and depression because we are human and we are effected by emotions. It is more a matter of how long these states of "shut down" have been held in place and how it negatively impacts you, your life and your business.

 In today's age we are bringing awareness to talking about issues that block our Mental Wealth so we need to be asking one simple question:

What's your trauma? 

The secondary questions we need to ask are:

Where did my body store those experiences of unconscious stress and how is it showing up in my life now?

Is it showing up as headaches and muscle tension? Is it surfacing as medically undiagnosed symptoms of physical stress that create lost time from work? Are you experiencing stress in relationships? Are you attracted to unhealthy choices in life? Are you so overwhelmed that running on empty and feeling exhausted all the time seems to be the norm?

Whatever it is...uncover the cellular memory blockage, release the trapped, unconscious stress and repattern the cells to have new, healthy, wholesome responses to life. Learn HOW to access and sustain your happiness, freedom, joy, inspiration, innovation, success, life's purpose and empowerment!

It's not enough to be aware and communicate "about" Mental Health issues. People need fast action steps to support themselves back into a whole-Life wellbeing space. 

Mindfulness tools are great, other holistic methods work effectively too and support. However they often work temporarily until people become too overwhelmed to continue or another life stress occurs. These type of topical tools also have slow incremental growth, where the tools you will learn here get right TO THE ROOT OF IT AND ELIMINATE THE UNCONSCIOUS STRESS THAT DRIVES OTHER LIFE BLOCKAGES.

There is no "Stress Management" here. We go for the root to eliminate the issues completely.

I'm in the business of teaching people fast, effective strategies that get right to the heart of psychosocial issues and release negative patterns and blockage At The Root Of It for sustainable, long-term success!

Life without stress, anxiety, health issues and depression IS POSSIBLE and more importantly... you can learn the tools on HOW to release it  quickly and effectively with the transformative stress-relief techniques at The Root Of It.

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